23 May

I trudge up the steps as the curtains fall on yet another day. I walk to the terrace and see the inky blanket they call the night sky dotted with innumerable windows to the past. As I trace their outlines and join them to form constellations, a plane goes through the small circle my thumb and forefinger makes, ripping apart the fabric of my cosmos. And in that one instant, I hear my heart stop. Is it you on the plane I wonder. Each time I see a plane, I want to ask you, are you coming home? And in the few seconds it takes for me to go down this road, the plane has flown past.

Was my heart always glass? Or did you turn sand through fire?


One side of a paper. White. Unblemished. Not so much as an ink drop. Pristine. I wonder if it will be enough to hold all I feel. The longing pours itself drenching the words with a hint of brine. I scoffed at the idea of barely half a page to tell you what I saw when I went to places I have never been. Now I am out of words as I realize that there was never a moment when something didn’t remind me of you. The mountains, the meadows, the sculptures, the paintings. I can see your look of indulgence and exasperation as you come with me to places you didn’t know existed if only to hold my hand and kiss me as you listen to me ramble about how breath-taking something was and why. And so I try to cross the oceans between us, if only for a moment, as you complete the circuit by thinking of me.


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A Fairy Tale

8 Feb

For Poojya.
For telling me its okay to let go. For making me understand that sometimes to get over the spells of sadness, we need to fall back on happy memories. For making me realize writing is cathartic.


The earth an unfinished painting
Biding its time,
For the return of the artist’s hand

Heat and pressure building
Causing it to change and grow
Infinitely more precious now,
Uniquely crafted as it is
Swarovski crystals hiding in shame
At its sparkle

Giving new meaning
To pristine perfection

Tugging at your heartstrings
Making you sigh
At the simple beauty it presents

Falling softly,
Captivated by the light
Dappling through your eyelashes

It rushes to learn
The contours of your face
Living for the moments
It caresses you
Hoping to last forever,
Like the memory of
your first kiss,


It was my first glimpse of snow. 


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The Umbilical Cord

16 Oct

Sometimes, you have to remind yourself, you were the one that carried you through.

For what are you, if not the collective history of civilization? A living proof of glorious triumphs, devastating conquests, heartache, love, incredible discoveries, catharsis and metamorphosis.

As you gaze into the mirror, tracing your features, do you see the gentle slope of your cheeks, the shape and colour of your eyes, the dimples that peep out when you are feeling happy and a bit sassy? What are they, if not the remnants of ancestors living on, vicariously through you, in you?

Do you realize those eyes of yours have once gazed at lands that now no longer remain? Their colour changing through the years and being passed on.  That some part of you has walked on cobbled lanes, through unspoiled woodlands, seen events that we read as chronicles from an era gone by, known of secrets that have been lost in time and yet, preserved in you? The soft notes you create as you speak were once heard millenia ago by people who are not quite the same, but still are.

A giant web have we woven, not knowing that we have changed inexplicably, the course of history for simply having come into existence. Jigsaw puzzles are we, with pieces from far-reaching places and people we don’t know, but for the ones we have seen growing up. Interlinked, crisscrossing, a small twitch as we walk tight rope, changing a life light years away, without knowledge of the power we wield.  Searching for the truth, honing in on something so far out of reach and implausible, we don’t even stop to consider the possibility that we are the linchpin.

In a small tube, barely the size of my finger did I realize for all its fragility, nothing is more omnipotent than the double helix that rules us, letting us believe we are our own masters.

The next time someone asks who you are or what you are, tell them you are a slice of history; amassed over time, wonderfully cherished, painstakingly preserved, leaving an indelible part of you in everyone you meet and every place you go.

When you catch your reflection, understand that you are looking at the dot that connects the past, present and future of the human race with million others. Every one of us is the centre, from where radiates a hundred thousand connections, permutations and combinations of events, parallel universes and infinite possibilities.

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20 Jun

Someday you will miss me. Someday when I stop hoping it will happen. When I stop holding on even when you aren’t looking back.. Someday..

Not like a ton of bricks, love. No, not as simple as that. It will start small. You will wake up one day to your mundane routine. You will probably find out too late you are out of bread or batter and you will just decide to stop for a quick coffee when you will feel it first. A small whiff of that mix of incense, sweat and hibiscus.

You are going to stand dazed and shocked, in a drunken stupor even as you wonder if I passed by you.. It will follow you around throughout the day. You will gather courage and go look at my profile. You will probably trace my features, lingering over the dip and curve of my mouth, even as memories show you just how much I smiled.. Kissed.. Touched …

Nothing will be free from me. Not even that blue shirt you got last week. You will envision me wearing it, sleeping disheveled and smelling of you, as you wake me up to a morning of languid exploration. Someday you will know, the gaping vacuum in me. That which stings for all its emptiness. Someday, you will miss me, just as much..

And your eyes will fall on an old, forgotten photo where I am looking at you, smiling like you were all I wanted. You will hold your hair and scream my name in desperation, much like an addict for his fix.. I promise you, you will collapse unable to bear the onslaught of memories.


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My blog, my words, my choice.

30 Mar

Free speech, here I come.

India lost the semi finals. It was a blah day. So, I went off Facebook. Imagine my surprise when I randomly go online to see that nearly every third person has shared a video of Deepika Padukone. Thinking it might be good, I decided to give it a watch.

Before reading any further, here is the link –

The transcript can be read here.

I would like my 2 minutes back, please.


Glad you asked.

You see we are probably the only polytheist country in the world that claims to worship women, and treats the real life versions of the same goddesses we worship with contempt, often degrading them and taking away their choice to say no.

Deepika Padukone says it is her choice if she wants to strut about naked on the road. She is one of those women who star in the dreams of hormonal, deranged men/women, men too old for sex, boys too young to be thinking about sex & normal people. I am sorry. I did not specify the kind of dreams she comes in. Although I am not sure about the content of these dreams, I am pretty sure they are not of the dry variety.

So, she wants to walk naked. Cool. If I could collect drool and semen now, it would be more than the Ganges in volume. She says it is her choice to marry, stay single, to love temporarily or lust forever. Great. You can’t dress provocatively and expect men not to look. In fact, most women know and dress provocatively to attract attention, but from the company they want, not from every Tom, Dick & Harry out there. She says it is her choice when to have sex. Valid. It has to be consensual is important. But, that is not what is being said here. Pre-marital sex, sex after marriage, sex outside of marriage is what they are saying is their choice.

So, you are saying it is okay to cheat on your spouse?

To the people at Vogue, the director of the video and every person who starred in it, did you lose your collective intelligence? Or did Alia Bhatt do the thinking for you?

What were you thinking? I mean, women empowerment is at an all time low, so you think women should be given the chance to cheat and dance naked? Also, what is with the random buttoning and unbuttoning of clothes? If you are saying you could go naked on the roads, if you wanted to, why didn’t you bare all on the video. Guaranteed way to get more views.

This video lays claim to women empowerment without once saying anything about their actual life. What about having a career? 

Not all of us have bodies like Deepika Padukone, but most of us are okay with it. Have any of them had hormonal problems? Do they know that some people are overweight, because they don’t have a choice?

How is it okay to walk in at 4 am? I mean, like seriously? How is it safe? Yes. we are campaigning for safety. Doesn’t mean you walk around at 4 am and say it is my choice without thinking about the consequences. That we shouldn’t have to is not what is under discussion here.

All these women look picture perfect. Perfect hair. Perfect body. Perfect everything. They also have the money and influence to get out of most things. So, how is this video not hypocritical and why is it being given any sort of importance when it is more absurd than most?

Basically this video has made a joke out of the whole concept of choice. Run around naked in your house or on the road, but don’t be a mascot for videos that claim to be intelligent and poignant when there is no depth to them, yet have so many famous people in it.

Most of you are in an industry where your face determines how far you go.Since we are on the subject, since when is Vogue the poster child for anything other than fashion, sex and looks? It is the Vogue. It is the prime example for hypocrisy and caters to a market which normal, middle-class women cannot afford.

99  women have starred in it. They probably wanted a 100. If you somehow come across the one woman who said no, give her my thanks and call her intelligent. The people in the video hold a lot of influence in their hands. People ranging from toddlers swaying to their songs to girls on the brink of womanhood, boys, pre-pubescent teens, to men, women & geriatrics hold them in varying degrees of respect and fascination or even obsession.

How do you misuse that power?

By telling them that they can can roam around naked, throw away the concept of monogamy. They can whatever they want without thinking of the consequences, because their choice is what matters. Nothing will happen if you do what these people did. After all they were in a studio, with security, and were pretending to get naked in front of a camera. I mean, that is totally the same as Deepika Padukone and Nimrat Kaur walking the streets of North India in the nude.

You want to inspire people?

Teach them to find their moral compass. Tell them to stand up for what they believe in and to be the best they can. Please don’t do utter nonsense and call it women empowerment. This video is not empowering women. If you think it is, you need a reality check.

No, I am not angry, I am disappointed. That people with so much influence choose to do this and others think it is a great effort.

Choice works two ways. You don’t enter into a relationship with the idea of cheating and call it #MyChoice. It is not your choice. Your partner or spouse has the same choice. If you are doing whatever you want, for your short-term or long-term happiness without a care about anybody else, because you can,it doesn’t make it right. If you want to sleep with people outside of marriage, don’t get married.

This video assumes that the answer to overwhelming patriarchy is unapologetic and patronizing matriarchy. No. The solution when scales are tipping to one side is equality. This video doesn’t deliver on that. It makes you think, just because you are a woman you are entitled to anything. You can do anything, want anything without a care about anyone or anything else. The response is a resounding no.

To the people in the video, run around naked for a day in public view, cheat on your partner/spouse, become a size 15 if you are endorsing it, forget your career, walk home at 4 am in the morning and then we will talk. Capisce?

But, wait.

Most of you have already done nearly all of that.

P.S. If any of you have shared that stupid video, I suggest you think about why you did so, instead of following the herd.


A lot of people think that reacting to this video on such a scale is pointless because there were several opportunities to have reacted. Namely when movie stars degraded women on-screen, said that women should be fully clothed and modestly dressed one moment and are dancing with skimpily clad women the next and other contexts. Our displeasure for the same has been vocalized. But, they didn’t say they were empowering women, did they?

Maybe we didn’t react then. We are now. Maybe we are changing from a society that whispers to one that says it out aloud.

If you think that this video is okay because it says women can cheat and that it their choice because men are highly infidel, I ask you one question- does that make it right? If you think any one of these women will walk naked on the road, I pity your intelligence. If you think these people cannot get out of most political/social situation because of their influence, I will ask you to take a reality check.

If you are trying to say that this video with the exception of the whole sex out of marriage bit is okay, I will still disagree. You are making a mockery out of women empowerment. If a child wants to learn about women empowerment and uses the Internet, the first thing that comes is this video. Is this what you want that child to learn about women empowerment? Particularly from people he/she idolizes? Is this the kind of value you want instilled in your child?

I am reacting because if something is wrong, it is wrong no matter who does it. You are saying that men cheat, so these women declaring they can as well makes it okay. No, it doesn’t. This video says that the woman will do what she wants. That males are below her. Her choice. She is nobody’s privilege. We want equality. Not women in varying states of nudity spouting what sounds like deeply riveting poetry when it is drivel.

You cannot contain information on the Internet, good and bad.

Also, this is not against Deepika Padukone alone. This is for everybody involved in the video. My apologies if you thought it was only her I am talking against.


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