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7 Aug

Yearning crashes against my shores
Anarchy and sobriety duel for supremacy
Checkerboard replaced by storm clouds
Don’t stick your hand out, they said
You will get burnt
And so I soaked up all the sun I could
The warmth flows through me
Fire and sun meld
Warning me like no other
Temptation sleeps in my eyes
Awake in my dreams
The winds are picking up
The guards are a changing
Blurred is the looking-glass

Through a maze, lungs burning
I try out running myself

Built around the light
I yearn to rewind
Choices, decisions
And explore differently
Without the stars
Wash it away,
Wash it away

In my quest for stillness
I take a step, then two
Embraced as I am by the water
She moves around me softly
Eddying in my wake
She holds me safe
In the eye of the storm
Reducing the tempest
To a gentle, cheeky drizzle

I know not where she drew it away
I see no carnage in her path

Radiating outward from my plexus
She washes away my fears
Trailing down my nape
Making my secrets, hers
As I trace her journey
Over thousands of miles
Inking me, invisible and tangible
Flourishing supplanting thriving
Break free,
Break free

The Falcon traces the curve
Coming into my own


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