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The Umbilical Cord

16 Oct

Sometimes, you have to remind yourself, you were the one that carried you through.

For what are you, if not the collective history of civilization? A living proof of glorious triumphs, devastating conquests, heartache, love, incredible discoveries, catharsis and metamorphosis.

As you gaze into the mirror, tracing your features, do you see the gentle slope of your cheeks, the shape and colour of your eyes, the dimples that peep out when you are feeling happy and a bit sassy? What are they, if not the remnants of ancestors living on, vicariously through you, in you?

Do you realize those eyes of yours have once gazed at lands that now no longer remain? Their colour changing through the years and being passed on.  That some part of you has walked on cobbled lanes, through unspoiled woodlands, seen events that we read as chronicles from an era gone by, known of secrets that have been lost in time and yet, preserved in you? The soft notes you create as you speak were once heard millenia ago by people who are not quite the same, but still are.

A giant web have we woven, not knowing that we have changed inexplicably, the course of history for simply having come into existence. Jigsaw puzzles are we, with pieces from far-reaching places and people we don’t know, but for the ones we have seen growing up. Interlinked, crisscrossing, a small twitch as we walk tight rope, changing a life light years away, without knowledge of the power we wield.  Searching for the truth, honing in on something so far out of reach and implausible, we don’t even stop to consider the possibility that we are the linchpin.

In a small tube, barely the size of my finger did I realize for all its fragility, nothing is more omnipotent than the double helix that rules us, letting us believe we are our own masters.

The next time someone asks who you are or what you are, tell them you are a slice of history; amassed over time, wonderfully cherished, painstakingly preserved, leaving an indelible part of you in everyone you meet and every place you go.

When you catch your reflection, understand that you are looking at the dot that connects the past, present and future of the human race with million others. Every one of us is the centre, from where radiates a hundred thousand connections, permutations and combinations of events, parallel universes and infinite possibilities.

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