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Revenge, redemption and romance – A review of I

15 Jan

Don’t get mad, get even.

Don’t just kill, it is far too simple. Destroy.

In I, a man (Vikram) from humble beginnings and small dreams gets an opportunity to reach for the stars and has a promising future, when suddenly everything is thrown off-balance. He learns that what he thought was a freak accident was in fact premeditated and seeks revenge. What happened to him and what he does to get back at the perpetrators is the story.

Shankar’s movies are known for their unique concepts, but he has gotten repetitive. There are several similarities to Anniyan… You just know who is next on the hit list and you guess who is the brain behind the grotesque transformation (It was too simple!) and wish Shankar made the ride a bit more.. compelling. A few songs were as necessary as Power Star. 40 days of shooting for a 5 minute song doesn’t justify it. The movie features Vikram as a hunchback for a major portion, but  after a point, you have guessed the story, know who is who and the only thing left is what is going to happen to the wrong-doers and so you sit it out. Santhanam helps keep it light and you genuinely laugh at some of his jokes.

Shankar has tried to emulate “Beauty and the beast” and it sort of works, without the emotional attachment. His movies, no matter how strong or shoddy the script, always, always score high on the visuals and this is no exception. (He is the guy who shot a song in the 7 wonders of the world, after all.) From myriad colours in China to gravity and science defying graphics, this has it all, except a something that makes it click, because visuals alone do not make a movie. The storyline by itself is rather tame. Love, loss and revenge. For the hype that it generated, it grew largely predictable as it progressed. With a budget of nearly 200 crores, the possibilities were endless and I can’t help, but say I am disappointed. Shankar needs to wake up and soon. Big budget doesn’t necessarily mean box-office hit.

Nearly all of Vikram’s movies have some element of unresolved/repressed sexuality and this is no exception. From stashes of sanitary napkins, brassieres and to dancing in what was decidedly not masculine clothes, one can’t help wondering.. Is this planned? Or does it just happen in each movie?

Vikram’s effort, determination and dedication is unparalleled, but with an actor like him in hand, a question rises .. Did the director make use of Vikram to his full potential? And was his dedication to a movie such as I justified?

I think(s) not.


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