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4 Oct

What is success according to you? How do you define success?

Good student in school, great in college. You learned things beyond books, met people who believed in you the way nobody has and felt secure. You then go on to pursue your higher education, in a field you love. Again, new people, new place and new lessons. Fresh out of college, armed with aspirations and visions of doing well in a core job, you are shaken out of your stupor, fast.

You attend interviews and some more interviews and you will find that your knowledge is not what is being tested here. It is your patience, which starts to wear thin. You see patience is the oil and hope, the wick. You will cringe when you hear about the reservation quota, turn violent at the idiocy of the interviewers and wonder what was it you learnt for the past few years?

You will see people you know/knew doing really well and it will hurt. It might even depress you. Your friends will get great jobs and many of them would have just been winging it. There will be people who will reassure you saying hard work never goes unrewarded, but.. When? Where?

Is it because you are not willing to compromise?
Or is it because you are just not good enough?

There will be times when you will wonder if the past few years was a joke. If the point of letting yourself dream was to see if you could. Maybe, you were wrong. You might even end up in a job that sounded promising. You will be a roller-coaster of emotions. You will feel like you are going to be last in  the race and then.. you will wonder what you are running towards? Is this race fair? You will be pitted against people in different streams, doing different things, because you brought them on to the field, as your prospective scale. Do you need to pick other people to compare yourself against? The voices in your head will push you to breaking point, countless times. Everything you see will strike you as an opportunity. And everybody you see will be doing better than you.

But, you are not the person you are comparing yourself to. You can’t be like them, much less become them. It is very easy to ask someone to stop comparing themselves to another, but pretty hard not to. It is a balance. They should push you achieve more. Not make you question your self-worth. Peer pressure is an awful, awful thing. It will feel like you are standing still while everybody and everything is moving.. So fast and toward something. Where is your rudder?

You are it. You are your own rudder, boat and sail, rolled in one. Decide what you want to do and find out how you can get there. Once you decide on the destination, you have won half the battle.  Now, you have to chart your course. It is a little tricky, tough even, but if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be an accomplishment now, would it?

And when nothing seems to be working, remember, nothing that came easy, is worth having. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and draw inspiration from people you cross paths with, everyday.


Your Talisman.

What is success according to you? How do you define success?
Yours, not his or hers or theirs. Yours.


Focus on the mountain, not the climbers.


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