15 Aug

 To seven years of friendship and counting. 
Happy birthday.


“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” —Alfred Lord Tennyson


You asked me to write about it..
Oh darling! How I tried
If only it were so simple to scribe
As it were to fly..

How do I map lands that change,
Each time I set sail?
How do I tell you where the water flows,
When I am lost in the view?
As far as the sun’s reach,
As deep as your soul.

To feel nature’s serenade,
To want to enter his blood,
And become a raging fever.
The moon revels in her power,
For she is the Luna to his Alpha
White, distant and light years ahead,
She makes the tides turn.

You think you can shape it, love.
But, if you have tasted the madness,
You will know you are but clay.

Don’t go after it, darling..
It leads you a merry chase..
No rudder true enough,
No boat strong enough.

Let it find you..
When it blooms by itself.
It will stay with you
Till death and beyond..
If you reached for it,
And it was poison,
Leave.. But, darling,
Don’t lose hope.

With all I am,
With everything I yearn for,
I believe..
Believe, darling, for no archer
Struck bulls eye
In his first few attempts..

The journey is more your story
Than your time with her..

 © My Rickety Typewriter, 2014; Vintage Ink.
No part of the text – partial or complete – may be copied/ reproduced or transmitted without prior permission from the author. The content is the intellectual property of the author. The above applies no matter what way the access to the blog was granted.


2 Responses to “Kintsukuroi”

  1. Aishwarya AR August 16, 2014 at 8:03 pm #

    The last metaphor that struck me was putting a cigarette in your mouth and not giving it the power to kill! Now this…Kintsukuroi!! The art of fixing broken pottery with gold!

    Liked by 2 people

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