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2 Jul

“Be with me always – take any form – drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!” – Emily Bronte.


When the wind caresses your cheek and plays with your hair, uninhibited and free as only it can be, do you think of her? When a passing girl smiles, her eyes lighting up in silent invitation, do you remember a girl who waits thousands of miles away? When you cross the road, do you think of holding her hand? When you fall back on your pillow, do you wish she was there, holding you close?

When the heavens open up, do you wonder if she sent the clouds your way, asking them to wash away all your worries until it feels like she taught the rain the secret of her touch? When you read a book do you run your fingers over the letters, memorizing them, knowing instinctively where she cried. laughed and gasped? When night falls and the stars peek out while the moon stands guard, do you marvel at it and seek her in the sky?

When you pull on a shirt in haste and push your arm through the sleeve do you remember how that one button came off? When you walk past places with the smell of coffee do you smile as you think of her excitement if she were there? When you taste her favourite ice-cream, do you imagine if it would burn and taste the same down her throat, choking her up with memories and making it difficult to swallow?

When it is a little too cold do you gaze at your jacket and wonder how adorable she would look with the sleeves rolled up? Does this always follow with the thought of you to be wearing her warmth, after she gives it back?

When you breathe, with every breath you take, with every colour you see, do you think of her at all? Because she does. And her heart breaks anew every time she wakes up to an empty bed.

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