16 May

For the star that shines day and night, sun or rain.


My heart only ever had one thought, one want. One need. Despite all, in spite of all… All my heart has ever wanted is you.” ― Stephanie LaurensThe Edge of Desire

She crossed oceans, went to lands beyond the horizon could see and understood more than she believed. And through it all, she couldn’t shake off the lingering feeling that there was more to all this.. more to her.

It began as a soft caress.. the most tender of touches, tantalizing her. Until the wind felt it had had enough of being an outsider and found its way through and grazed her, almost deliberately. Slowly it became a tempest raging within, setting fire to the rain.

No amount of water quenched her thirst. Setting foot into the various oceans of the world didn’t help either. Among the hordes of people she knew and those she was yet to meet, a figure stood out.

Dawn gradually faded and noon approached, climbing to its peak. The crass cacophony became softer and softer until it could be heard no more. The mad jostling of the crowd, their scent and loud voices ceased to matter, dissolving into nought. Everything slowed down.. The wind, like the rebel it had always been, picked up speed and played with her hair.. soothing her burning skin, yet leaving her wanting more..

The color of your eyes and the secrets they held were all she saw. The promise of spring making its way through after winters of desolation. The fragrance that wafted towards her was subtle enough for her to want to take another breath, yet tactile enough to transport her to another macrocosm. Her skin.. too tight. Her scent.. too mild.. She wanted to rip her skin and allow your essence to seep through and spread like wildfire to every last inch of her. Until it was not just a part of her, but her. 

In that moment, she wished there was something about her that held him captive. So that he would be in it just as deep.

Dreams and reality interwoven so closely, she wasn’t able to tell them apart. Each sustaining the other, giving mastery over the other. In a world where roses bloom without thorns, condemnation is rare and acceptance vociferous. Would you be able to refuse?

Yen took over. Intense, all-consuming. Shocks of awareness moving down her body, with every glance, setting her ablaze. The slow, but sure unfurling of need. The emotion in your eyes as raw, as primitive, as red itself.

Dreams so real, novice no more. Anticipation and apprehension filled her in equal parts. The former at the thought of you  meeting her and the latter when you finally do.

The strength of her longing surprised her, yet brought with it a small sense of peace knowing it will be answered someday. But, even longing as deep-rooted, as indelible as hers would have no strength if it had nothing to be directed towards.

She fell back and the box closed.



A/N– The title “Nasha” means intoxicated/drunk, an almost poetic expression for madness and has its roots in Hindi/Urdu. This is the second part to Aurora. Part III will be up soon. Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to “Nasha”

  1. Prannoy May 17, 2014 at 9:00 pm #

    Brilliant piece of work my dear! 🙂 Reminded me of someone really special 🙂


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