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11 Jul

Solitude, I crave thee.
To be lifted up by your wings and fly.
To be alone and let my thoughts soar.
To hear my heartbeat magnified, when I listen closely.
To look at the sky stretching on endlessly.
To see the world anew, every time I open my eyes.
To see both what was and what is.
To see a single shade in varied hues.
To look at a flower in full bloom and see the shy bud that came before.
To feel the wind in my hair.

To breathe in happiness.
To be one with my thoughts.
To be by myself in a crowded room and be at ease.
To decide what you want to become.
To see a tree and marvel at the innumerable branches.
To gaze in open-mouthed wonder at a rainbow.
To allow the waves to lap my feet and wonder.
To not long for company to be complete.
To be myself and yet be a different me.

Is not talking, not remembering?
My thoughts are too many and my curiosity, too great.
I see. I think. I analyze. Perhaps, too much.
But never do I forget.
For if everything has to said in black and white,
There is not much room for the reds and blues, is there?

Sometimes, despite what and how much you mean to me,
I still crave solitude.
Is that so wrong,
That you forget what was spoken through the years?

Enshrine words said in happiness and love.
For words said in anger and fear are best consigned to oblivion.
I want to say so much more and yet, I can’t say enough.
Silence is too deeply ingrained in me.

Solitude and loneliness,
So similar and yet, so different.
The latter, when you don’t have a choice,
The former when you long for it.
To grow, to change, to make mistakes, to learn, to love,
For solitude lets you breathe in life.

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